I will preface this by saying that Lori Nestore is one of my waxing idols. She’s so talented, both as a waxing professional and as a teacher, I’ve learned so much from watching her videos on body waxing. However, I disagree with a lot of the brow advice in this video. It is 10 years old so perhaps she has changed her brow waxing style, but still, it’s so different to how I approach brow design.

Here are my thoughts on some of the advice:

“Do not try and change somebody’s eyebrow shape. It just doesn’t work.”

Depending on how much hair the client has, and what they’re hoping to achieve, it is totally possible to make changes to the shape of a brow. By tinting the vellus hair, it’s possible to create more of an arch, for example. Tinting is always done before I map, which allows me to base the shape on all the fluffy hair that can now be seen. Except in rare cases where there’s very little hair, we can work towards any shape of your choosing.

A hook brow happens because someone has “tried to get an arch into their brow”.

Actually, some people’s brows just naturally grow into a hook shape. It isn’t anybody’s fault, it just happens. I do agree that taking away the bottom of the hook can create a much more flattering shape, but I would also be looking to incorporate any fluffy hair underneath the arch, to balance out the hook.

“Our eyebrows always end where they end. They’re never too long.”

Maybe it is more pronounced with the way that I tint, but often it is necessary to shorten them at the tails, if they continue too much towards the hairline. Taking off a little from the tail can actually give the impression of a face lift, especially if the tail extends a lot lower than the height of the bulb. My mum is a huge fan of this, for example!

At the start of every consultation, I always ask if there’s anything clients dislike about their brows, and usually they tell me straight away if they wish they had more of an arch, or they feel like their brows are too thin. 

Sometimes the perfect brow is a journey, but I will always give honest advice. I take great pride in always delivering the best brows possible for every client. If you ask for an arch, I will do my best to give you one. 


PS – If any of my fellow beauty therapists fancy some amazing and FREE tutorials on body waxing, register on Lori’s site https://tuelberodin.com.

Once logged in you’ll be able to view lots of helpful content. This is the American site but she also has a UK site where you can buy her wax. She’s truly a legend, even if I don’t like her style of brow design.