I’m going to preface this with a disclaimer that I’m all for free choice regarding what to do with body hair, whether you prefer to remove it or let it grow. Also, choosing to remove your body hair doesn’t make you any less of a feminist.

Now, on the topic of whether shaving makes hair grow back thicker, the answer is a strong no. If it did, why would dermaplaning be such a popular treatment for women?

While shaving doesn’t make hair grow thicker, the regrowth does tend to feel rougher to the touch. There is no change to hormones that influence the production of body hair, it’s simply that shaving cuts off the soft tapered end. For the first day or two, this will be flush with the surface of the skin, but when it grows, it will feel sharp, and you’ll probably be compelled to shave it again.

Meanwhile, when you wax with good technique, the hairs are removed from the root. The anagen growth phase that follows over the coming weeks will produce a new hair, and when the hair comes through, it will feel soft, because it has a tapered rather than blunt end. 

As a happy side effect of waxing, I’ve found that I’m much more comfortable with the regrowth in between treatments. This is because it’s soft and fluffy, instead of coarse and stubbly.

If you’re someone who prefers to be hairless and has been shaving during lockdown, I won’t judge you. But from Monday I’m able to offer body waxing again, so please drop me a message if you’d prefer to start seeing fluffy regrowth again instead of stubble. 

In the words of the wax queen Kim Lawless, Peace, Love and Wax. 

PS: This article was an interesting read: https://theoccupiedtimes.org/?p=7666