Okay, hands up, who is missing brow lamination during lockdown? 😭

Personally I’ve always had a challenging relationship with my right brow, which desperately wants to grow down instead of up. No product has ever been strong enough to make a difference with these stubborn hairs, unless they’ve been softened with lamination. Until HD Brows Brow Glue! 

The photos in this post were taken this morning, and my brows haven’t budged a bit. I’m wearing no make up in my brows, yet theylook full and defined.

I’m genuinely amazed by how it looks like I have so much more brow hairs, without any pencil. Ideal on hot days like today, as there’s nothing to smudge. 🌞

You may wonder, why don’t I just laminate my own brows? The reason is that I’m waiting until my Browsculpt course, where I will also need to be a model. Sadly this had to be rescheduled because of lockdown. But anyway, it’s nice to have a break from chemical processing every now and then. 

It’s probably going to be another few weeks before I can start offering brow treatments again, but if you want to get the lamination look, I highly recommend giving Brow Glue a go. 

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