HD Brows signature treatment

1 hour • £25

Every treatment begins with a full consultation where we chat about your brows & your goals. Next I’ll mix up a custom tint colour to compliment your skin tone & hair. This step can help give you a fuller brow, as any fluffy blonde hairs are darkened.

Then I’ll map out a design for your brows, and gently remove any excess hair using wax, thread and tweezers.

To finish, I’ll apply makeup to highlight the new shape, fill in any regrowth areas and give a crisp but natural finish. I’ll also show you how to recreate the look.

Please note, first appointments can take longer.

HD Brows with Brow Lightening

1 hour 30 • £35

Even if you’re not interested in turning your eyebrows blonde, there are many reasons you might want to lighten your brows:

1. Brow lightening can lighten your existing brow colour.
2. It softens coarse hairs, making them easier to set in place.
3. Lightened hair takes on tint colour much easier. This means you can change not only the shade of your brows, but also make them cooler or warmer to compliment your hair tone.
4. Lastly, it helps your brow tint last longer

HD Brows Extensions
1 hour minimum • £45+

Brow Extensions could be perfect for you, if you want to have a fuller brow for an event, without having to wait weeks or months for them to grow naturally. They typically last for 24-72 hours.

The hair we use is vegan friendly, and comes in a range of colours and lengths. This means that we can create a natural and realistic looking result.

Want to find out more? See the following blog post: https://hdbrows.com/blog/what-are-hd-brows-extensions/

Price dependent on the thickness desired. Best carried out following standard HD Brows treatment, done 2-7 days before.